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Built and improved from our award-winning Optionetics Platinum® - a powerful Web-based options analysis tool that helps you identify opportunities, protect against unexpected market downturns and make more informed trading decisions.

Complete with portfolio charts, customizable option rankers, search wizards and so much more, Platinum is the natural choice for traders looking to maximize their earnings with sophisticated analysis and research. This powerful application bundles the ease of automated searches with the flexibility to choose your own customizable criteria.

Access Platinum Essentials online anywhere you have access to a PC and Internet. Simply log into your account and you can:

  • scan the market for opportunities
  • analyze candidates
  • execute your trades
  • backtest and paper trade

When you’ve mastered the 3-step process in Platinum Essentials, you can easily upgrade to our more sophisticated Platinum Suite.

Features at a glance:

  • 16 available strategies
  • 100 trades found per search
  • Backtesting capabilities (six years)
  • Risk graphs
  • Intermediate strategy searches
  • Personalized stock lists
  • Option chain tables
  • Profit and loss
  • Implied volatility and historical volatility
  • Transfer lists to ProfitSource
  • Dividend and split indicators
  • Multi-leg option capabilities
  • Trade with optionsXpress® in one click!


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