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Narrow down the dizzying number of available stocks to one for in-depth analysis and learn how to strategically choose option opportunities based on the results.

Each week, Market Scoreboard will look at a single stock based on layering technical analysis, fundamental analysis, sector growth, and a unique trader’s analysis. Then, we will look at an option strategy that could fit with the action the stock may take based on the in-depth analysis.

What Market Scoreboard does for you:

  • Save time and accelerate your learning process! Don’t spend your weekend or evenings digging through the 3600 optionable stocks to narrow it down to one to practice with. Let Market Scoreboard show you how every week.
  • Shows an experienced trader's thought process. Ever want to get inside a trader's head? Now is your chance!
  • Get a jump start on your market analysis on Friday so you learn what to look at in your own research.
  • Prevents you from being overwhelmed. If you turn on the TV, you’ll hear "TV experts" popping off dozens of stock names per day. Who has time to watch TV all day, write down every "stock to watch", then analyze them to see if you agree, then find options strategies? Market Scoreboard makes learning easy and stress free!

Market Scoreboard features:

  • Receive one issue each week throughout your subscription
  • Each issue includes:

  • Stock Analysis
  • Options Analysis
  • Overall Market Summary
  • "Technically Speaking" chart analysis
  • "Fundamental Growth" results
  • "Sector Spotlight" and how that ties into the technicals and fundamentals
  • Accessible online via your MyOptionetics account and via mobile phone*
  • Released once per week on Friday evening
  • Clearly learn the process of narrowing stocks down and matching option strategies to stock analysis
  • Gain confidence in your trading decisions


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