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Trading in the markets takes strategies and tools, but it also takes a trader's intuition to read the markets, adapt, then apply the right strategies and adjustments to fit market conditions.

Optionetics LiveTrade is a powerful platform designed to teach you those instincts and give you the opportunity to apply that knowledge to supercharge your own trading.

LiveTrade is an amazing online community with new benefits that can help your trading instincts evolve while you learn from a stream of trading case studies every day the market is open.

LiveTrade provides a constant and powerful year-round opportunity to watch our instructors tackle the changing conditions they face every day in the live markets. You can follow different case studies throughout the day, get alerts as new case studies* are released and learn how traders react to news, volatility, market movement, and other new market information.

A membership to LiveTrade includes:

  • LiveCast: A live interactive session for real-time discussions on the market and your trades, each day the markets are open
  • New case studies every trading day with extensive Q&A
  • Daily market recaps covering all of the hot topics of the day
  • Invaluable insight as you follow along with Optionetics instructors
  • Track trades from case studies to follow how a particular strategy performs in the trading environment
  • The ability to brainstorm trading ideas with fellow students
  • Searchable archive of case studies: find them by stock symbol or date
  • A library of pre-recorded sessions that you can access at any time to refresh your knowledge on various options strategies
  • Ability to submit your trading ideas for analysis
  • New case study alerts via Email, Twitter or text message
  • Available on your computer or iPhone with the new LiveTrade iPhone app
  • Access it all from the LiveTrade Video Dashboard


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Call 888-366-8264 ext. 1 to talk to an Education Counselor

*Case studies being provided are historical examples illustrating how a particular options strategy could have been applied. Optionetics, Inc. ("Optionetics") is not providing students with real time trading opportunities.

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