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Lessons from My Grandmother, Part V: The Choice Is Yours

By Jack Wong, Optionetics.com | Mon December 1, 2008 10:46AM PT


In Memory of My Beloved Grandmother

Welcome to the final part of this five-part series.

I love my Grandmother because without her, I would not be where I am today. I love my Grandmother because she supported whatever decisions I made. So, she gained a lot of respect from me. I hope this five-part series will help you understand a bit more about my family, and in particular my relationship with my Grandmother.

Now that my Grandmother has been called home, I will never hear her voice again. Having said that, I can ‘see’ her and ‘talk’ to her via my neuro-linguistic programming techniques. Isn’t it interesting?

The final thing I would like to share with you is that when something becomes history, sometimes it is good to think of it. But life must go on. The show must continue. How does it relate to your trading business? When you have setbacks, you may sit down and evaluate the mistakes you made. You may identify ten mistakes you have made that caused a loss in your trading business. There is no point in blaming yourself because what had happened is now history. You must continue with your trading business by understanding that there may be other ways or strategies that can bring you success. If you choose to blame yourself and stay put, you will not progress. Your trading business will be suspended for nothing. What you have set as goals when you started your trading business will become a total waste.

So, don’t let the setbacks affect you emotionally on a permanent basis. Like I said, yes, I had fond memories in my early childhood when my Grandmother took care of me. But do I still live in the dream? No, I face the reality. I do whatever it takes to come back to reality, and continue with my trading business. In fact, after this incident in my family, I became much stronger as a trader, and thinking of my Grandmother’s determination to fight for her survival during the last week of her life, I am also psychologically stronger when tackling my trades. As a result, my trading account continues to grow and last week I shared with you that I am profitable in my forex trading business. So, the question now turns to you – if you face a setback, what are you going to do?

Remember from the previous discussion that the choice is yours. No one except you can tell you what you should do. That said, I conclude my five-part series article in memory of my beloved Grandmother.

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Jack Wong 
Staff Writer and Instructor
Optionetics.com ~ Your Options Education Site


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