Learn About Options

Whether you are new to Optionetics or a seasoned options trader, ongoing education is paramount to your trading success. To help you succeed, we've assembled a range of materials that encompass a broad range of trading concepts ... from novice to advanced. They're a great way to keep in tune with the markets and understand which strategies to use when.

Basic Options Concepts

If you are new to options trading, look over the Basic Options Concepts. As you read through the material you will begin to see that options are a simple way to manage risk and build wealth in the markets.

Advanced Options Materials and Strategy

If you are a returning user or have previous experience with options, look at our Advanced Options Materials and Strategy pages. Here you will find an overview of some of more sophisticated trading concepts.

Bullish Strategies

Discover our high-reward strategies for bullish markets.

Bearish Strategies

Find out about our trading strategies designed to help you profit in bear markets.

Sideways Strategies

This section examines strategies that can be used when the underlying security moves sideways.


Learn the lingo that successful option traders use.

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