Trade Adjustments Master Coaching

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Learn the ins and outs of protecting your trades, and adjusting them for the best possible outcome, no matter what the markets do. Joe Contes will teach you how to develop a contingency plan for any situation!

Key Highlights:

  • Learn to reduce risk and “lock in” profit when the trade is going your way
  • When your outlook changes, morph one strategy into another
  • Learn how to save a trade with the synthetic equivalents of the 6 basic risk graphs
  • Neutralize Delta to hold a stock through an earnings report
  • Add insurance to positions to protect against losses and increase potential return
  • Discover trading systems designed to generate consistent income regardless of market direction

Typical Class Format

  • 1 evening per week
  • 8 weeks in a row
  • Over 12 hours of material
  • Prerequisite: Optionetics Trading Essentials Class

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Scheduled Classes

06/12/2014 - 07/10/2014
Thursdays, 5:30 PM PT
Coach: Nick Gazzolo

Your Coach


Week 1: Introduction to Trade Adjustments

  • Review of the 6 basic risk graphs and 4 primary Greeks
  • First basic adjustment

Week 2: Understanding your trade prognosis.

  • Converting a vertical spread into a butterfly or a condor

Week 3: Vertical Spreads - Insurance Positions

  • Adding insurance to vertical spreads

Week 4: Option Synthetics as an Alternate to Closing a Trade

  • 6 basic synthetics, “the box” trade and “3 leg box


Week 5: Neutralizing Delta

  • Create a synthetic equivalent to a straddle

Week 6: Straddles/Strangles

  • Trading when delta neutral strategy becomes a directional trade

Week 7: Calendar Spreads

  • Calendar spreads “morphing” into directional vertical spreads or combination of vertical and diagonal spreads

Week 8: Iron Condors on the Index/ETF markets

  • Adding a protective measure to standard OTM Iron Condors
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