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Optionetics Coaching is the fastest way to start the practical application of strategies you've learned throughout the Optionetics Trading Essentials Course and from your home study course. Now that you have the basics, Coaching will teach you how to apply them to active trading, and it uses ProfitSource and Platinum Essentials to quickly and efficiently look for trades on many different strategies.

Optionetics Coaching also delivers online hands-on instruction, one night a week for eight weeks in a row, allowing you to watch a master trader at work. Watch as your coach uses real-world scenarios in the market to demonstrate the exact steps and "tricks of the trade" to enter, manage and exit the trade with the most profitable outcome possible.

Key Highlights

  • Control your risk and let your winners run
  • Use market volatility to your advantage
  • Keep your stock portfolio insured against further losses

You've learned exactly how to trade options in the Optionetics Trading Essentials Course. Now, take that knowledge, and work step-by-step with a coach to perfect your trading skills and put them into action. Sign up now by calling 888-366-8264 ext. 1 to get started.

Class Format

  • 1 evening per week
  • 8 weeks in a row
  • 12 hours of material
  • Prerequisite: Optionetics Trading Essentials Class

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Scheduled Classes

June 25 - July 23
Wednesday s, 5:30 PM PT
Coach: Christina Dubois

Your Coaches

The 8 topics covered are:

  1. Trade Planning, Option Greeks and Long Option Trading
    We'll begin with a bit of trading psychology, add in the concept of a winning trade plan, and make sure that you focus on money and risk management from the very start. The business of trading can be very emotional unless we take a disciplined and well thought out approach to it. We look at the three step Optionetics process of finding a high probability opportunity in the market, creating an acceptable risk trade (long call), and planning, executing and managing our trade. Also, we begin to look at the option Greeks to better understand where our risks are.
  2. Long Option Trading - Continued
    Continuing from the first session, we apply the same approach, but now look at bearish market conditions. We will utilize the same method - Identify a High Probability Opportunity, Create an Acceptable Risk trade (long put), and Plan, Execute and Manage the trade.
  3. Married Puts, Collars and Protective Strategies
    Designed for those Investors out there that are looking for intelligent ways to not only protect themselves from market downturns, but to lock in their profits in up markets. We will investigate using put options for downside protection as well as applying the "collar" strategy to help pay for the protection. Discussion will include when (and how far) to move the option strikes throughout the life of the trade, how to find good candidates for the strategy, and how to manage the trade.
  4. Directional Trading with Vertical Spreads
    "Combination" trading using vertical debit spreads will be reviewed and discussed in this session. We will use the Greeks to help you decide when you should trade the spread instead of merely trading just a long option position. Special emphasis on the Greek "Vega" and how to interpret the IV charts will be an important component of this session. Also, we will look at both bullish (Bull Call) and bearish (Bear Put) setups for these vertical spreads.
  5. Vertical Spreads Continued - "Credit Spreads"
    Continuing the discussion of vertical spreads, during this session, we explore what are known as "Credit Spreads" - Bull Put and Bear Call spreads. We will learn what they are and more importantly, what they are not. You will learn when to use them, how to manage them and under what conditions they are effective.
  6. Delta Neutral Trading - Straddles / Strangles
    Trading a stock around the company's earnings report can be tricky. In this session, we'll cover two strategies used to put on a trade regardless of stock direction. Using search features in Platinum, we'll find great candidates to trade straddles or strangles and discuss what conditions are most appropriate. We will, again, look closely at the Option Greeks, and apply what we learn to these strategies.
  7. Delta Neutral Trading - Calendar Spreads
    In this session, you will learn how to use a strategy that makes money with the passage of time even when the stock doesn't move. Learn how to capture the time value in option premiums, and how to profit from option decay safely. Again, we'll use some search features in Platinum to find great candidates. We will discuss the Option Greeks (again!) and learn how the interplay between the different greeks gives us guidance about when to exit the trade.
  8. Course Assessment - Further Review and Introduction to Trade Adjustments
    This session is for strategy review and an open forum for questions. We can re-visit any of the topics presented over the prior seven weeks that you want further clarification on. Also, a peak into some of the ways you can "adjust" a winning trade to reduce risk, lock in profits and allow yourself to profit even more.
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