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Optionetics Classes

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Optionetics Classes are designed to suit traders of all levels. We invite you to spend some time exploring our many educational offerings - from our flagship Trading Essentials Class to specialty classes and everything in between. You're sure to find the instruction you need to master new strategies, brush up on your trading skills and optimize your earning potential.

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Trading Essentials Class

Our most comprehensive course to learn how to take control of your financial future. This class has it all - live courses, home study materials, free reattendance, online recordings.

If you are already an Optionetics student, click here to register to reattend the Trading Essentials class for FREE.

Upcoming Trading Essentials Classes:

April 27 - Denver

May 04 - Long Island

May 07 - Online - Nick - Wed/Tues/Thurs - 4:30 pm

June 08 - Las Vegas

Next Step

Optionetics Coaching

Now that you have the basics, Coaching will teach you how to apply them to active trading, using ProfitSource and Platinum Essentials to quickly and efficiently look for trades on many different strategies.

Upcoming Optionetics Coaching:

Starting June 25

Top Level

Master Series Classes

You're now an emerging master trader. Pick from these topics (and more in the future) to specialize your trading knowledge.

Upcoming Master Series Classes:

Optionetics Advanced Trading
starting April 23

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